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Cycling friendly

We are aware that some of you can''t conceive of a good holiday without your bike nearby, so don''t worry!

If you love cycling, now you can stay and bring your bike, because the resort is Cycling Friendly. 
We have exclusive services for your needs:

  • secure hangers
  • furniture with tools
  • repair and wash stand
  • air pump
  • welcome pack

Lovers of this sport will find on their arrival an agenda full of major events, such as the renowned Costa Blanca Bike Race, the Valencian Cycling Week, the more than 31 routes available (11 road, 10 mountain and 10 recreational) or all the activities of La Federació de Ciclisme de la Comunitat Valenciana, among others, are just a few examples that show the great love this sport generates in the area.

If you love cycling and good weather, the Costa Blanca is the perfect destination for you. Treat yourself to a holiday with endless alternatives to enjoy this sport and live an experience on wheels either individually, with your partner, with your family or with a group of friends.

Add in the comments-observations of your reservation that you come with your bike. 

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